Compare contract documents with ease.

Recital provides an easy-to-use, 100% trustworthy document comparison for contract managers. It works with Microsoft Word and PDF files.

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One-click document comparisons, directly from your email inbox.

Simply open an email in Gmail or Outlook containing a contract and click Compare to launch a document comparison with the most recent version.


See every single edit with Litera Compare (formerly Workshare).

With our Litera Compare integration, view every edit made by the other party, including tracking the movement of text in a document and seeing changes to tables without complicated formatting.



Compare any Word document.

Not a contract? No problem. Recital works with any Word document as well as PDFs.

Connect your cloud storage to easily access and compare documents.

From your Recital dashboard, you can locate and open a document stored in Google Drive, OneDrive, or Sharepoint to begin a comparison. Once complete, you can even save directly to your cloud storage.


Upload and compare in a pinch.

Need to compare a document located somewhere other than your email or cloud storage? Simply drag and drop (or upload) the document into Recital, choose a document to compare it and begin your comparison.

Security is at the heart of Recital.

We keep your data secure and private. All information stored on our server is encrypted, including sensitive data in emails and documents.

Let us show you the future of document comparisons

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