Frequently Asked Questions

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Early Access & Pricing

What do you mean by "early access"?
Recital is in early beta, meaning we are still testing it with a small number of in-house lawyers and contract negotiators. After you request early access and we confirm Recital is the right fit for your contract needs, we’ll invite you to early access of Recital – at no cost – where you’ll have an opportunity to test out the platform and provide your feedback while we apply the finishing touches!

How much does Recital cost?
As we’re currently in early beta and testing our platform with a small number of users, you can request early access at no cost.

Features & Integrations

What software does Recital work with?
Recital works with Microsoft Word, Outlook, OneDrive, and SharePoint, as well as Gmail and Google Drive.

Does Recital work on Mac or PC?
Both! Recital is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Security & Accessibility

Is my data safe?
Yes! Encryption ensures all of your data is protected.

Is Recital available outside of the US and Canada?
Recital is currently only available to users in the US and Canada.

What languages are Recital available in?
Recital is currently available in English only.

About Recital

What is Recital?
Recital is a web-based contract studio founded by Martin Ertl, founder and former CEO of Contractually (acquired by Coupa), and Brendan Mulholland, a product manager & senior software engineer. We’re a small but mighty remotely-operated team based in Vancouver, Canada.

Are you hiring?
You can find our latest job postings on our Careers page.

I have more questions.
No problem! If you weren’t able to find an answer to your question, send your question to