Immediate impact for legal operations

Supporting in-house legal teams with technology and systems can be hard. Legal tech can take months to adopt (often costing $10s of 1000s) and often only adds effort for legal ops pros and the lawyers they support. Recital gives legal operations the ability to have an immediate impact, with rapid adoption in as fast as one day.
  • Speed up the velocity of contract negotiation

Score a fast win by immediately making life easier for in-house attorneys

Allow lawyers to keep using their native tools (Word, email, cloud storage)
Avoid costly onboarding periods and hefty training.

Integrate with an existing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool

Improve attorney job satisfaction, retention and recruiting with a better toolkit

Save your legal team from wasting time searching for contract versions

Improve contract workflows for your in-house counsel

For your legal team, Recital saves tons of time during contract negotiations and works with the tools lawyers use, like Microsoft Word, Outlook, Gmail, and cloud storage tools.

The best part is your team can start immediately without any hefty onboarding, training or contract loading.

Automatically detect new contract versions in your email inbox
Generate “one-click” document comparisons for easy redlining
Automatically list all versions and emails related to an ongoing negotiation
Correctly save contract versions in the appropriate cloud storage folder with zero clicks

Recital is a low-risk decision that doesn’t require a lot of change management. Let us show you how Recital works. We would love to get your feedback.

Schedule a demo of Recital

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