A Contract Studio for busy in-house lawyers and contract managers

Command Center for In-House Lawyers

One-click document comparisons, with all relevant files and emails assembled automatically, contract by contract.

Works with MS-Word, Gmail, Outlook and your cloud storage.

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    Get To Your Real Work Faster

    One-Click Document Comparison, With Version Control Built-In

    The latest contract version is at your fingertips, with a quick overview of the changes you can click through. Even better, a 100% trustworthy redline in MS-Word is also right there. With all the earlier drafts, you have confidence in your version control and in getting any comparison you want.

    All Information About Every Contract In One Place

    All relevant emails and documents are assembled automatically, contract by contract. No more scavenging through your inbox. No more hunting through your document storage systems.

    Keep Using Gmail or Outlook, And Your Current Document Storage

    Use Recital along with your existing email application, Gmail or Outlook, and your existing cloud storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Sharepoint, Dropbox and others).


    Track And Prioritize Your Work

    Keep on top of all your deals, with filters for easy reporting. Set and update status with one click. Prioritize and re-prioritize deals with drag and drop.

    Your Data Is Secure And Private

    Encryption protects all your data and your data is yours.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What do you mean by "early access'?

      Recital is in early beta, meaning we are still testing it with a small number of in-house lawyers and contract negotiators. After you request early access and we confirm Recital is the right fit for your contract needs, we’ll invite you to early access of Recital – at no cost – where you’ll have an opportunity to test out the platform and provide your feedback while we apply the finishing touches!

    • Does Recital work on Mac or PC?

      Both! Recital is compatible with both Mac and Windows.
    • What software does Recital work with?

      Recital works with Microsoft Word, Outlook, OneDrive, and SharePoint, as well as Gmail and Google Drive.
    • How much does Recital cost?

      As we’re currently in early beta and testing our platform with a small number of users, you can request early access at no cost.

    • Is my data safe?

      Yes. Encryption ensures all of your data is protected.
    • I have more questions.

      Find answers to more Frequently Asked Questions.

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    For busy in-house lawyers and contract managers