Full-Stack Developer


  1. Develop features that solve real problems informed by frequent meetings with customers
  2. Turn Figma designs into usable, maintainable UI (in Vue/Nuxt/Tailwind, and GraphQL)
  3. Build maintainable business logic, background workers, and service integrations (in Ruby on Rails, Postgres, GraphQL, Heroku, and AWS)
  4. Write and maintain a judicious, business-level test suite to ensure correctness and stability
  5. Carefully balance scope and speed versus best practices and code quality
  6. Collaborate with a cross-functional team to creatively solve customer problems that consider benefits, tradeoffs, and impacts
  7. Build documented, reproducible dev and ops infrastructure
  8. Continuously improve the security, architecture, and development infrastructure (static analysis, CI, etc)
  9. Collaborate on design documents, recording decisions and the customer knowledge backing that up
  10. Any other reasonable activity required by management/leadership

Hiring Requirements

We strive to consider candidates from a broad array of backgrounds, so we look beyond workplace experience when considering the following requirements:

  • Independently effective, with little guidance, in modern, secure full-stack web development
  • Experience building and maintaining frontend products using modern web techniques (Vue, React, Angular, etc)
  • Intermediate-level understanding of CSS & JS, and in building business logic in any language
  • Communication skills to effectively talk with customers in English
  • Can effectively work as part of a remote team, completing tasks both independently and as part of a team

Nice to Haves

  • Released or maintained a substantial project in Tailwind, Nuxt, Vue, Ruby, or Rails
  • Experience in hands-on UX/UI design
  • Experience in or understanding of law or contract negotiation
  • Experience with machine learning (ML), NLP, and/or data science
  • Experience with infrastructure/ops management, especially with AWS, or code-as-infrastructure (e.g. Terraform)
  • Experience building or maintaining security systems or processes required for SOC II or similar
Job Title

Full-Stack Developer


(Core working hours 15.00-20.00 CET = 09.00-14.00 ET = 06.00-11.00 PT)

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