Senior Data Engineer (Generalist)

Do you want to see the difference your data pipeline work makes for real people?

In this role, you’ll be responsible for delivering end-to-end capabilities for our ML-driven product, building innovative new features at the edge of what’s possible for a user-facing startup. You’ll have an opportunity to see the impact your work has through user interviews, build new capabilities inspired by those conversations, set best practices for data management, grow quickly through frequent feedback and coaching, and work in an all-remote agile (not scrum) startup environment.

You’ll have experience in ML, strong written and spoken communication, and depth of experience in one of backend development, data orchestration, or data science.

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  • Build products that deliver value to our users, owning the entire data flow from source to presentable data while guaranteeing per-tenant data isolation
  • Deliver small changes, multiple times per day (Graphite encouraged) across our backend & data pipeline stack, ensuring alignment via effective design docs and communication
  • Develop, maintain, and harden our data pipeline and background jobs (Sidekiq), improving their orchestration, and ensure consistent, high-quality data with a solid test suite (RSpec)
  • Implement processes to monitor data quality, ensuring production data is always accurate
  • Manage integrations with a variety of tools, models, and APIs (in-house and outside commercial offerings), maintaining existing capabilities and experimenting with new ones
  • Invest in the developer experience, organizing and cleaning code for ease of use, persisting knowledge in comments and documentation, and making business cases for adopting new tools and best practices
  • Work effectively on your own: Hold yourself accountable to outcomes and deadlines, communicate progress, justify and align on your choices
  • Work effectively with others: Collaborate as part of a team with others via frequent calls (Tandem), pair programming (Tuple), project management (Linear), and chat (Slack)
  • Interview users together with representatives from product and design

Hiring Requirements

We strive to consider candidates from a broad array of backgrounds, so we look beyond workplace experience when considering the following requirements:

  • Strong written and spoken communication
  • Effective project management (individual and team)
  • Strong working knowledge of SQL
  • Experience with Machine Learning
  • Production experience with at least one backend language
  • Experience designing and maintaining common a data orchestration platform (Airflow, etc)
  • Familiarity with common data science libraries, preferably in Python
  • Depth of experience in at least one of the previous three points

To Stand Out

  • Experience in or understanding of law or contract negotiation
  • Working experience with Ruby and/or Sidekiq
Job Title

Senior Data Engineer (Generalist)


(Global, core hours: North American mornings)

Reports to:

CTO (Brendan Mulholland)

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Sound like the job for you?

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