Senior Full-Stack Developer (CSS Specialist)

Do you want to be on the fast track to principal developer?

In this role, you’ll be the CSS expert on a cross-functional team that continuously reflects and improves, working across the stack as we bring tech to the last area of business — legal. You’ll have an opportunity to grow quickly with daily feedback & weekly coaching, implement modern product and development approaches, and work in an all-remote agile (not scrum) startup environment.

You’ll have expert knowledge of CSS, strong written and verbal communication, depth of experience developing modern frontends, and production-level experience across the stack.

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  • Build composable frontend components (Vue, GraphQL, TailwindCSS) that use appropriate CSS, following Figma designs and ensuring quality with E2E tests (Cypress) and Storybook
  • Deliver small changes, multiple times per day (Graphite encouraged) across the stack as team workload requires, ensuring alignment via effective design docs and communication
  • Own the entire user flow (not just screens), including transitions, navigation, etc that flow well and are easy to use, and including backend work (Ruby/Rails/Sorbet) as required
  • Invest in the developer experience, organizing and naming code for ease of use, fixing root causes, deleting unused code, persisting knowledge in comments and documentation
  • Work effectively on your own: Hold yourself accountable to outcomes and deadlines, communicate progress, justify and align on your choices
  • Work effectively with others: Collaborate as part of a team with others via frequent calls (Tandem), pair programming (Tuple), project management (Linear), and chat (Slack)
  • Continuously improve the frontend’s development infrastructure (static analysis, CI, etc), tooling (package upgrades, configuration, etc), and architecture
  • Interview users together with representatives from product and design

Hiring Requirements

We strive to consider candidates from a broad array of backgrounds, so we look beyond workplace experience when considering the following requirements:

  • Strong written and spoken communication
  • Effective project management (individual and team)
  • Expert in CSS, likely 2+ years experience: responsiveness, overflows, flexbox, CSS grid, etc
  • Production experience developing the full stack, including a working knowledge of SQL and databases
  • Informed but flexible opinions about best practices and coding standards
  • Depth of experience in building and maintaining a modern frontend, including state management (e.g. Vuex, Apollo cache)

To Stand Out:

  • Experience in or understanding of law or contract negotiation
  • Experience interviewing users
  • Eye for design and interactivity (e.g. built/designed good-looking components with little or no input from a designer, UI or UX design experience)
  • Released or maintained a substantial project in Tailwind and/or Vue
Job Title

Senior Full-Stack Developer (CSS Specialist)


(Global, core hours: North American mornings)

Reports to:

CTO (Brendan Mulholland)

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Sound like the job for you?

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