The negotiation workspace for contracts professionals.

Get started in one day and continue using the tools you already use like Word, email, and cloud storage, without changing how you work.

Contract lifecycle management decision fatigue is real.

The crowded contract lifecycle management (CLM) market is led by platforms offering more features than a small legal department needs. With the excessive time required to implement, configure, and train staff, it’s no wonder why legal teams get stuck when deciding on a tool to speed up their workflows.

Here’s why in-house counsel and small legal teams are choosing Recital over complex CLMs:


It's easy to get started.

As soon as you connect your email and cloud storage, Recital detects and assembles all relevant files and emails, contract by contract.


Begin comparing documents immediately.

Unlike document comparisons in Word which require tedious setup, searching, and saving, you can start comparing contract versions immediately, right from your assembled files in Recital.


A 100% trustworthy redline every time.

Recital runs a fresh comparison each time, meaning we'll even catch changes that weren't properly tracked by the other party.

Recital is a one-stop shop.

Recital Customer

The fact that Recital can aggregate and auto-organize stuff in 24 hours is amazing.

Recital Customer

Recital is great in that it saves me a lot of time that I can spend with my kids.

Josh Stein

A workspace for organizing contract negotiations

Recital organizes and accelerates your contract negotiations without changing how you work or the tools you use. All of your emails and documents are in one place, when and where you need them.

A home for all of your contract files

Gone are the days of scavenging through your inbox and hunting through your document storage system. Recital detects and assembles all relevant emails and documents automatically, contract by contract.

One-click document comparisons, directly from your email inbox

With our Gmail and Outlook integration, you can go from viewing a newly revised contract in your inbox to a document comparison with the previous version in seconds.

A 100% trustworthy comparison every time

Recital runs a fresh comparison each time, removing any risk due to improperly tracked changes by the other party. Our integration with Litera Compare also means that you can track the movement of text within a document and view changes to tables without complicated formatting.

Traditional contract management software can take months to implement.

Get started with Recital today and speed up your contract negotiation process tomorrow.

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"...but I still need to use Word and email."

Most contract management software forces lawyers into workflows that feel unnatural and counterintuitive. Recital enables legal teams to keep using tools like Word, email, and cloud storage.

Keep using Word

Microsoft Word is the reigning tool (and the right tool) for contract creation. In addition to detecting Word documents in your email and cloud storage, Recital’s powerful document comparison tool works with Word and PDF documents, providing a 100% trustworthy redlining experience every time.


Keep using email

Much of contract negotiation happens in your inbox. Recital integrates directly with Gmail and Outlook, detecting contracts contained within emails and enabling you to launch a document comparison with the last version in just one click.

Keep using cloud storage

Recital connects with your cloud storage so you can find and compare documents directly from your Recital dashboard, as well as save new files to Google Drive, OneDrive, or SharePoint.

Security you can count on.

We keep your data secure and private. All information stored on our server is encrypted, including sensitive data in emails and documents. Learn more about our security practices.

Schedule a demo today and we’ll introduce you to a faster way of negotiating contracts.


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